Plug. Play. Augment.

Plug-and-play tools get you started quickly. These jack-in-the-boxes are specially suited to answer your real-
world business needs in just a couple of clicks. Turn your unstructured data into transparent results.

Step 1. Upload images, videos or text files.

You provide the input. Simply drag & drop the files you want to analyse from the right folder.
The model is already attuned to the data you’re providing.

Step 2. Analyze.

Sit back & relax. You’ll instantly obtain the information you’re looking for.
Choose between Overture’s sleek user interface or developer API.

Go completely customised.

Retrainable tools are fully customisable. Tailor them to your specific business needs by defining
your own concepts. Put those into practise by uploading the content you want to analyse.

Step 1. Upload examples

Teach your model what to recognise.
Have it learn the images, videos or text files you’re providing.

Step 2. Start training.

Define your categories. You decide how deep you want to go.
We’ll find the right algorithm and parameters that match your needs.

Step 3. Analyse images, videos, or text files.

Now you can use your model as a tool to predict those concepts
on new content, instantly enabling search across your data.
Choose between Overture’s sleek user interface or developer API.